What are the Current Digital Marketing Trends?

In this day and age, digital and social media marketing has definitely hit a whole new level. Just as the year 2016 ends, many digital marketing trends have remained this year, but have received some refinement. Here are some of the best digital marketing trends experts share that have helped their campaign and gained the sales they were aiming for.

Content Marketing

This digital marketing technique has long been in the top 10 for 3 consecutive years. Based on a certain research, it showed that more businesses these days are utilizing the strategic approach with content marketing, so this trend is expected to continue for the rest of the year. You can also expect to have more focus on the measure of the ROI with content marketing, as the competition and cost within the content marketing goes higher gradually.

Putting this at a practical level, according to Scott Brinker, he has talked about the continuance of Content Marketing and the world is seeing various examples of interactive apps for marketing such as the capability graders and even the personalization tools in recommending content.

Big Data

The marketing applications in this digital marketing trend include predictive analytics, customer and market insight.

There are the 3 Vs of Big Data, which are Volume, Variety and Velocity shows you why this digital marketing technique has turned out to be a trend. They are the ones that have felt the increase in real time data, data formats and volume in their businesses. With the results they are experience, they want to exploit its value so that they can increase their sales through websites’ personalization and email marketing by way of predictive analytics. This is also closely linked with machine learning wherein Big Data is dug out to identify the propensity in converting the given various customer behaviour and characteristics.

Marketing Automation

In this technique, it covers a wide array of strategies, which includes web personalization, behavioural email marketing and CRM.

Just like with content marketing, this marketing trend has been in the top for the last five years. Many businesses see the potential in improving marketing automation as a way to generate more sales.

Mobile marketing

Mobile has been at the top around 3 years ago, but due to the number of companies that have adopted responsive web design with mobile devices, including email templates, they have seen that there is less need or focus on it, or they find that there are fewer opportunities with it now.

Yet one research shows about the retail conversion rates getting lower at a significant level for smart phones, so there is work need to be done for various businesses when it comes to optimizing conversion in mobile, although there is a high possibility that it will stay lower compared to the desktop.

Social media marketing

This still has the biggest interest among businesses, which is largely due to the options and reach in engaging audiences and at the same time encouraging social media amplification, thus giving it its full treatment. This isn’t likely to go away in the next few years.