What are the New Web Design Trends Today?

Isn’t it boring that you’d get to see the same design with your website almost every day? Why not add something new to it? Even last year, many web design trends have been popping out and a few of them survived to this year. Responsive websites have gotten very popular during the time when people would prefer to browse the internet through their smartphone.

The latest trends for web design this year have remained what were trending last year, except they are getting their own refinement. Since there have been technological advancements in the past year, here are some of the prominent elements that still holds significance in today’s web designing trends.


Considered as the frontend framework, Bootstrap remained as one of the most significant element that developers must consider. Since it is a framework, it strongly helps in the enhancement of the responsive projects through the web and even guarantees for access on different number of platforms.

The amazing news for developers that are working on this framework is that the websites and all related applications with it can be scaled easily with just a single line of code base, whether this is in the smart phones, tablets or desktops. All this requires is the queries in the CSS media need for scaling the elements of the web.

Call to Action Buttons

Also known for its short term CTA, they are designed for making it more opportune for people to react on offers or messages listed at websites. Due to this utility, the CA has been given its imperative position in the best web design trends for this year.

For the marketers, this element pertains to the perfect option for instructing, in which it is directed to the audience that will provoke response in the quickest and shortest time possible. And this is done through various slogans like “Visit us now” or “Call Now”.


Now that a lot of designers are paying their attention with UX/UI designs, developers face greater opportunity wherein they get to include various benefits of the recent website design trends of 2017. Since the UI design is part of the whole UX, it offers various techniques that will provide even better experience to its users by browsing through different websites. With better and greater experience for users while they browse through various websites, it has always remained at the pivotal point for the developers. Together with this trend, users can easily leverage with the extended browsing experience in a website.

Responsive Technique

This is a recently developed technique. This amazingly helps developers make pages wherein it can be accessed easily in any platforms even if the device size is different from one to another. This feature is proficiently analyzed utilizing the online tool for responsive checker, which is a very user-friendly tool. The major reason why this trend will remain for many years to come is because of the increase usage of smart phones. This is to make the elements load really well in almost any digital platforms, thus responsiveness plays a very big role.