Beginner’s Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

At this point, you are considering on learning more about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. By the time you have finished reading this, you will weigh your options whether you have to go on advanced levels on SEO or hire a professional to optimize your website for you.

Beginner’s SEO

To beginners like you, you have ended up here probably thinking that the definition of SEO has confused you. But to make it simpler, it is just a set of rules that will enhance or improve your website’s rankings on to the top positions in search engine’s results like in Yahoo, Bing and Google.

When you do a search in Google or in any other search engines you prefer, the order on which the results appeared after it is returned is based on a set of algorithms that are complex enough that only the search engines and its developer are able to understand. These algorithms take on a number of factors as it will be used in deciding which web page must be placed at the first or top most position, and then followed by the next most relevant content and so forth.

By optimizing your website, you are giving your website a huge advantage over other websites that are not optimized and even giving yourself an even better chance to get higher ranks.

Main Stages in SEO process

The processes in SEO are dynamic, but it is set in a single framework filled with rules and different processes. To make it simpler to understand, there are 2 main stages that make up SEO.


On-site SEO are the rules that you apply on your site in order to make it more search engine friendly.

Many sets of rules are made, but at the basic level they are simple tweaks wherein you get to apply them to your website and increase your website’s visibility in the search engines. When they are followed to the dot, it will improve the credibility and usability of your blog, or website.

If you have read the importance of the SEO optimizing your website, you will get the website’s structure and how it is also important for it to structure out the strategies for SEO. When you take that importance in mind, with the structure of your website, then all you need is to aid the search engines to trust your website.

You do not need to spend any more time than you need and at the same time you should be careful with over optimizing your blog or website as it can only generate opposing results.


This is another way to improve the ranking position of your website is the off-site techniques with SEO.

Generally, the search engines are looking for the most significant pages in the web and will show the ones that are relevant to the search query of the user. In this sense, it means that off-site SEO refers to how you can promote your blog or website so that it will get better in its rank and search results.